October 5, 2017


General Chair

Jie Chen


Program Co-Chair

Jing Sun


Program Co-Chair

Roy Smith



Finance Chair:

        Daniel Ho   City University of Hong Kong

Exhibits Co-Chairs:

        Yunhui Liu   Chinese University of Hong Kong

        Hong Chen   Jilin University

Industry Outreach Co-Chairs:

        Xiang Chen   University of Windsor

        Furong Gao   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Invited Session Co-Chairs:

        Mario Sznaier   Northeastern University, USA

        Lichen Fu   National Taiwan University

Local Arrangement Co-Chairs:

        Lu Liu   City University of Hong Kong

        Ming Liu   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Publication Co-Chairs:

        Graziano Chesi   University of Hong Kong

        Weixing Zheng   University of Western Sydney

Publicity Co-Chairs:

        James Lam   University of Hong Kong

        Dan Ma   Northeastern University, China

Registration Co-Chairs:

        Ling Shi   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

        Yang Shi   University of Victoria

Student Activities Co-Chairs:

        Guofeng Zhang   Polytechnic University of Hong Kong 

        Lei Ma   Southwestern Jiaotong University

Workshop and Turtorial Co-Chairs:

        Ben M. Chen   National University of Singapore

        Hideaki Ishii   Tokyo Institute of Technology


Advisory Board


        Way Kuo   City University of Hong Kong


        Frank Allgöwer   University of Stuttgart

        Karl Åström   Lund University

        Tianyou Chai   Northeastern University, China

        Dong-il Cho   Seoul National University

        David Hill   University of Hong Kong

        Yoshito Ohta   University of Kyoto

        Stella Pang   City University of Hong Kong

        Masayaoshi Tomizuka   University of California


Program Committee and Conference Associate Editors

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