October 5, 2017


Hong Kong grants a visa-free stay ranging from 7 to 180 days for tourists from over 170 countries. For participants who do need a visa, please consult the following procedure.

As an author or co-author, an official letter-of-acceptance that confirms that your paper has been accepted and reaffirms the expectation that you will attend the Conference is available for download. The letter can be used for visa and travel support applications. The download will be available from PaperPlaza after the reviewing process has been completed. The procedure for obtaining your acceptance letter is as follows:

  1. Go to PaperPlaza and Login.
  2. Enter your PIN number and Password.
  3. In the Access, a Workspace (next to CCTA 2019) choose: “Enter Author or Proposer of Submission # (your paper #).”
  4. Then, Choose an Option, and click on Request an Acceptance Letter.
  5. Fill out the necessary Information.
  6. Download the pdf file of your Acceptance Letter.

An invitation letter on conference letterhead will be issued upon request for those who do not have a paper in the conference program but wish to attend the conference and have paid the registration fees. Please contact the Registration Chair with the subject “Request for Invitation Letter to the CCTA 2019.”

For information about visa and travel authorization to Hong Kong, please visit the following website:


Please also be advised that Hong Kong, as a Special Administrative Region, requires a visa that differs from that issued by China.